How’d we get here?

Liberty Market Lofts, Toronto

It had been a long morning. By 11:30am, the only thing keeping exhaustion at bay was the raw adrenaline coursing through our veins.

We had a decision to make. A big decision. If this was, say 2012, and not 2009, you might’ve even called it “epic.” 

There we were. Sitting in that pristine showroom built to sell splashy new lofts, surrounded by frenetic would-be condo buyers trying to get a little piece of the city to call their own. It felt as though we were on the trading floor of the TSX just after the opening bell, and not a weekend in uber-cool Liberty Village. 

After a lightning round of weighing pros and cons, we decided to take the plunge. We were over our mortgage pre-approval and under employed, but the opportunity was too great to pass up.

Surprisingly, despite all the uncertainty, the barely comprehensible risk (I don’t think we’re in our comfort zone anymore, Toto!) and the devastation happening in the housing market south of the border, something felt right about this situation. Almost like it was meant to be. 

Looking back, maybe it was the 10-day “cooling off” period (which allowed us to back out, no strings attached) that inspired our confidence. Maybe it was our relative naivety. Regardless, we were the proud owners of a soon-to-be-built, 500 sq. ft, two-storey loft in Toronto’s trendy west end. 

A few hours later, we were back on the QEW heading home. We didn’t say much on that trip, but we both knew that we had woken up something deep inside us that would chart our personal and professional directions going forward: we’d caught the real estate bug. 

Flash forward to present day, a few more real estate transactions later and a blessing wrapped in a trouble-making infant’s body, we’re actively involved in the Hamilton real estate scene. I, Vanessa, an agent and, Tom, well, he does what he can to help out.

Hamilton is not only our hometown, it’s our home. 

We’re excited about the real estate market here and we want you to be, too.

That’s the goal of Hamiltonize. 

Drawing on our experience, which includes: buying new construction and resale properties; engaging in multiple offer situations…more commonly known as “bidding wars”; undertaking large and small renovations that add significant property value; and the perspective of doing all this in two of the hottest property markets in Canada (Toronto and Hamilton) – we plan to bring stories that you want to know…and the ones you didn’t know you want to know. 

People, places, personalities and projects will all be covered through a holistic, narrative-based approach to the real estate industry.

We hope you get sold on this like we have.


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