On this Canada Day…

Canada Day is a great time to step back and take stock of your surroundings. We’re both lucky and privileged to live in a country like ours. 

Regardless of your politics, we’re a people who care about each other and don’t leave others behind. We are tolerant and welcoming to newcomers. We believe in giving people the opportunity to be all they can be, the same opportunity that we have.
This is also balanced with a free market, capitalistic ideal which allows people to be as big or as small as they care to grow. We believe in healthy competition and letting people take their own financial destiny into their hands.

We also have tangible elements which are worth bragging about. Affordable, world class education systems and high-quality public health care which are the envy of the world. A stable economy built on cautious lending principles and jobs for the vast majority of people if they want them. We have abundant natural beauty and resources – ones we can profit from and ones we all benefit from.

And we also boast a stable and robust system of local housing markets from coast to coast to coast. Approximately 70% of Canadians are tracking to own their homes, many already do outright. Some have argued that this is embedded in our immigrant and pioneer DNA. Moving west with the railroad almost 150 years ago, Canadians have always valued home ownership and have worked hard to own a piece of the land they call home. Whether this is true or not, it’s hard to find the will to disagree.

For all these reasons and many, many more, we at Hamiltonize are proud to call this fair nation home. To all our readers, have a great and safe Canada Day!


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