6 easy and cheap hacks to protect your home against winter

As the trees start to turn red and gold it’s pretty clear that summer isn’t coming back any time soon. So, in order to protect your home from the coming cold Canadian weather, here are 6 simple yet important things you can do to winterize your home.

Gutter guards: worth every penny. An investment of a few bucks per yard, they can save hours of your weekend up on a ladder. Also, they virtually eliminate the possibility of overflowing the downspouts and over seepage into your garden and basement.

Cover/put away patio furniture: this annual ritual around our house signals the close of backyard bbq season, but gives piece of mind that come spring, you’ll have rust-free furniture ready for your guests.

Cover AC unit: it takes 5 minutes to wrap a tarp over your AC unit, but can save you a world of pain. Like all things metal, AC units can rust and corrode if left in the elements for too long. They aren’t cheap to replace so best to take care of your assets.

Drain and shut off hose valve: simple yet easy to forget. Shut off the valve them drain any remaining water in the pipes. Water can obviously freeze and cause your pipes to contract and burst. Trust me when I say, waking up to a flooded basement isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Seed your lawn: you take great pride in manicuring your lawn all summer. Take 10 minutes to feed your lawn in the fall for a healthy rebirth come spring.

Seal windows: drafts doors and windows are not only uncomfortable but make your furnace have to work overtime which means big heating bills. A tune of silicone, some weather stripping and a few minutes will give you a great return on your heating bills and enjoyment of your home.


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