Real Estate Recap – Headlines Nov 20, 2015

The city announced that construction permits in Hamilton topped $1 billion for the fourth straight year. To the end of October the city reported sales of building permits for construction valued at more than $978.8 million. Another $21.2 million was added Nov. 9, bringing the annual total to just over $1 billion.


Hamilton Wentworth District School Board Trustees will decide if Syrian refugees can stay in vacant school properties. The proposed schools include Parkside Secondary, Hill Park, King George, Roxborough Park, Eastmount, Woodward and Linden Park. The plan has sparked a debate about the lack of affordable housing in the city. The Trustees will vote on Monday, November 23.

‎US Steel was back in court this week with a goal of determining the real value of the company. The US-based corporation argues its Canadian entity (US Steel Canada) owes it $2.2 billion. The company says figuring out the real valuation will help it restructure under creditor protection. It will also allow the steelmaker to present the value of its assets, including its land, to potential buyers.


A Dundas property owner received approval to remediate a former gas station and convert it into a mixed commercial and retail building. Additional height was granted to offset the cost of remediation.

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