Real Estate Recap – December 9/15

Ontario says no MLTT expansion

As we predicted in the pages of Hamiltonize a few weeks ago, the provincial government has said it has no intention to extend the Municipal Land Transfer Tax to all Ontario municipalities. Currently only Toronto has this authority.  Looks like it will stay that way.

Here comes Treble

A civic minded Mohawk journalism student has taken a look at the historic Treble Hall and its new owner’s mixed-use visionmixed-use vision for the John St building. The recent sale and conversion is part of a string of development projects and new businesses in the area, including the Royal Connaught redevelopment, CoMotion on King coworking space and serve ping pong lounge.

Walk this way

The city is engaging in a review of Aberdeen Ave to see if the street can become more pedestrian and cyclist friendly. The review aims to balance the walkability of the Kirkendale neighbourhood while not increasing congestion on the mountain access or impeding the rights of motorists.

Selling the waterfront

Two Councillors are proposing that the city sell West Harbour lands, including parcels of land at Piers 7 and 8, with the proceeds going to fund affordable housing. The community emergency services committee directed city staff to report back on parcel inventory, land values and investment strategy for housing and homelessness initiatives. There are nearly 6,000 people on Hamilton’s affordable housing wait list.

Housing starts up again

For a sixth straight month, housing starts in the Hamilton area were up, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation statistics. November’s spike was attributed to a growth in apartment starts as opposed to single family homes.





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