Real Estate Recap – January 15/16

Hamilton market to stay hot

After a record-breaking year, economists have predicted that the Hamilton market will remain hot in 2016. While prices in most of the country’s local markets is expected to remain stable, Hamilton may outpace much of the country, says CMHC. Though the federal agency noted that 2016 and 2017 may not see the same prices as 2015.

Lack of land keeps prices sustainable

Column in The Spec argues that prices won’t bottom out of the Hamilton market. Citing Ontario’s Greenbelt Plan – which limits development around the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area – prices will continue to climb as supply of new construction is hindered.

Top issues for the city

Looking ahead to 2016, six leading civic issues have been identified for the city to address. Among others these include laying the ground work for the LRT project, increasing affordable housing and development in the West Harbour. Will be interesting to watch these files progress in the city.

Look up, way up 

 Condo living is sure here to stay in Hamilton. Many large and small projects are nearing completion, under development or in the pipeline across the city, with most popping up in the core. Expect our skyline to continue to change in the coming years.


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