Building community, one book at a time

There’s many factors which can make a neighbourhood a community. Parent associations, schools, recreational centres and churches all have a role to play in bringing people together over common interests.
One community building initiative that seems to be popping up everywhere across the city are the Little Free Library boxes. The movement – which has origins in the Mid-West US dating back about a decade – promotes literacy and reading in our neighbourhoods by encouraging homeowners to set up these boxes on their lawns. There’s approximately 2,500 boxes around the world, with at least a dozen or so in Hamilton.

Little Free Library at Stinson Park

The premise is simple: take a book, leave a book. Many homeowners have embraced this project and are clearly having fun with the creative boxes they present.


Little Free Library on Wexford St
Physical libraries have done a great job of bringing people together to get people reading. This project is creating a passive book club across communities, allowing you to know what your neighbours are reading and recommending for you to read. Like Oprah, only local.

Little Free Library on Graham St

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  1. themofman says:

    This was a great idea.


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