Year One…done.

In May we passed a significant milestone for – we completed our first year as an official blog! A big thank you goes out to all those who gave up their free time and mental bandwidth to give our site a visit and consideration.

As a whole, this has been a great experience. We’ve been challenged by the realities of generating fresh content that is important and applicable to our readers. We’ve also had the unique opportunity to speak to many Hamiltonians working hard every day to build this city to greatness. And along the way, our great friends at made us a sweet tee!

Here’s a few stats on the year.

We published 25 posts. Each one of them was thoughtful and, to the best of our abilities, timely.

We had roughly 1,300 unique visitors to the site (thank you!)

Those who stopped by took 2,400 looks at our content. Many left comments and feedback (again, thanks!)

The Top 5 articles that we published ranked as follows, based on number of views:

Foot Traffic: Just Train Fitness

Foot Traffic: Vintage Coffee Roasters

Hamilton was built by newcomers; let’s keep building together.

Much Ado About Land Transfer Taxes

Adding Value and Style to Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

What does this tell us? To me, it says that people want to read about their city and leaders in it. They want compelling story telling, but also a healthy mix of opinion. They like the intersection where real estate and business and community spirit meet. They also like variety. They value reading stories which are not only published by this start-up blog, but shared by entrepreneurs with their trusted networks of friends, family, clients and community.

So, we’re going to give you more of what you like. We want to bring you stories that you want to read as well as sharing insights that we think you should know. We will continue to add value to the discourse around this evolving market in which we live, work and write. And we will continue to stick to our mission of sharing stories about real estate, life, living and the pursuit of community. That’s what we’re going to do. We hope you’ll stay tuned.


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