10 Reasons Why I Invest In Crown Point

Given its proximity to the industrial heartland in East Hamilton, Crown Point – which runs between Gage and Kenilworth – has traditionally had strong working class roots. Those roots and history have helped the area develop into the vibrant and engaged community it is today. More and more, buyers of all ages and demographics are now discovering its many charms.

We live in the area and spend much of our time here. We’ve also invested in neighbourhood real estate something we’ll continue to do. So, when clients ask me, “why Crown Point?” here’s what I tell them:

1. Ottawa St. A former textile haven, this commercial anchor continues to evolve, attracting new shops, restaurants, artisanal creators and boutiques, while maintaining its heritage of selling fine tapestries and antiques. Check out the Painted Bench for their regular art classes where students learn a variety of techniques like chalk painting. Then pop across the street to the Cannon Coffee Co to see if you can score a table for brunch.


2. Gage Park. Anyone who knows me knows my fondness for this leafy institution. Wherever you live in Crown Point, you’re just a short walk to year-round events, family friendly attractions, a serene exercise venue and a giant piece of nature right in the heart of the city. If you have kids, you’ll want to check out the newly renovated Children’s Museum. And be sure to have a front-row seat when the CP Holiday Train rolls into town.


3. Farmers Market. Running from May-November, this is the largest independent farmers market in East Hamilton. Once housed nearby behind the former Centre Mall cinema, this Saturday morning fixture is the place to get the best locally grown fresh fruit, vegetables and hand-made pastries, ciders and preserves.

4. Centre Mall Redevelopment. Now known as the Centre on Barton, this outlet-style development has attracted some of the biggest names in retail, like WalMart, PetSmart, Marshalls, Michaels, LCBO, Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadian Tire. Almost all the major Canadian banks have set up shop as well. These organizations don’t spend a dime without doing extensive market research for expansion, so rest assured the area has a long, sustainable runway.

5. Transit Connections. Traversed by the Barton, Mohawk, King, Delaware and B-Line buses, Crown Point is well served by transit. Also, if the proposed LRT system gets the green light, a proposed stop is slated for Main and Ottawa. If biking is your thing, SoBi bike share has recently extended its service area to Cannon and Ottawa, appropriately positioned to access the defined bike lanes on the cross-town strip. Look for the service area to continue moving eastward in coming months.

6. Good For All Ages. Not only does Ottawa St boast a WalkScore of 86 (out of 100), but there’s services and attractions for all ages. My mother-in-law (also a Crown Point resident) attends weekly painting classes at the YWCA, while our daughter and her daycare troupe regularly hit up the Literacy Centre at Memorial School.

7. The Community. Crown Point has always attracted the characteristic, salt-of-the-earth Hamiltonian to its welcoming boundaries. There’s a real pride of place and sense of ownership which brims across the neighbourhood, making it an easy transition for newcomers. Try grabbing a coffee at the original, but newly redesigned, Tim Hortons and belly up to a stool at the window bar for a chat with some locals. You’ll surely feel the friendly embrace of the area.


8. The Prices. As noted above, the area has historically been home to local steel workers and trades people who valued a comfortable home near their work. In my view, Crown Point – like many other Hamilton neighbourhoods – has been unfairly undervalued for a long time. This means that even though the frenzied Hamilton home buying market continues to defy precedents, finding a good deal is still very attainable here.

9. Housing Stock. Further to the last point, unlike many neighbourhoods in Hamilton, Crown Point has a range of housing options. From bungalows to 2.5 storey homes, this area has the options that meet the needs of buyers, whether they’re starting out, growing a family or downsizing their nest.

10. Room To Grow. While there is rapid development around the area, many opportunities still exist for further economic expansion. Corridors like Barton, Kenilworth and Cannon have immense potential for economic, social and residential growth. Check out the Try Hamilton initiative which is enthusiastically engaging investors, developers and citizens around the future of these streets.



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