How to build your construction knowledge 

If you’ve been following our Insta stories, you’ll know we’be been knee deep in a construction project for the past few months.

We’re working with a great contractor who understands design and the building code. If you’re in the Hamilton area, we’d recommend that you hit Brett up for your consctruction needs!

If you don’t have a contractor to help you (or a great dad/father-in-law to do a lot of heavy lifting) but you want to learn more about the construction process, here’s a couple places you can look:

At Home With The Cousins podcast. You know them from HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins and from regular appearances on Ellen and Rachel Ray, the cousins from New York have launched a podcast to walk listeners step-by-step through a building project. With topics like how to find a contractor, payment schedules, change orders and dealing with the building department. Created for an American audience, but the content has many universal tips and lessons that apply to the Canadian market.

NS Builders on Instagram. Contractor Nick Schiffer has grown his IG following to nearly 60,000 followers in a short time due to his social savvy and his ability to tell engaging stories. His feed is full of his many jobs in and around Boston. His knowledge, attention to detail, love of cutting edge products, embrace of innovative approaches and willingness to push the boundaries by using unique materials have also bolstered his storytelling efforts. Follow along at @nsbuilders


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