Hamiltonize is a venture by Vanessa, a project manager-turned-real estate agent, and Tom, a public affairs professional.  We’re also married with a toddler daughter, an infant son and a spirited dog named Lola.

This forum will bring a narrative look at the real estate industry, with a particular focus on the Hamilton (Ontario) market, where we happen to live. Other topics like culture, community and urban life will get some attention, too. We’ll draw upon our experience in the Hamilton and Toronto property markets to bring some fresh perspectives to industry commentary. We’ll also introduce you to some interesting people who are changing the city along the way.

Please note: the views and ideas expressed on this site do not necessarily represent the views of our employers or affiliates.

Why Hamiltonize?

Well, to quote the Buffalo Springfield hit, something’s happening here. After far-too-long, people are finally taking notice of Hamilton.

We locals have always known the allure of the city and we’re happy to help others find out, too.

Hamilton has resisted the urge to morph into a Toronto suburb like other cities in the GTA, maintaining its unique character, culture and features as an urban centre.

However, the city, like all cities, still has its problems and its challenges. Recessions and job losses have taken their toll and our social fabric is a little threadbare in parts.

But unlike other cities, there’s an underlying hardscrabble spirit that lives here. It’s a spirit that brings people together and doesn’t leave anyone behind. It’s a broad-shouldered spirit that even the toughest of times can’t break. And it’s an entrepreneurial spirit that continues to transform the city from its blue-collar past to a diverse, cosmopolitan future.

The city is full of stories to tell, and narrative-based storytelling is what Hamiltonize is all about. Real estate is more than just buying and selling property. It’s also about life, living and the pursuit of community. That’s the approach we’re taking with this website. That’s Hamiltonization.

Oh, and the name? Well, if this guy and this guy can use it for their cities, why not use it for ours?


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